Sony Quick Charger UCH12w Smartphone Charger Black



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  • Sony Quick Charger UCH12w Smartphone Charger Black
  • Sony Quick Charger UCH12w Smartphone Charger Black
  • Sony Quick Charger UCH12w Smartphone Charger Black

High speed charging like never before with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

The Sony UCH12 Quick EU Mains Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology is Sony's fastest charger ever. All it takes is 10 minutes on the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible phones to get up to 5.5 hours of use. Other Micro USB-enabled phones and tablets enjoy blazing fast charging speed.


Spend less time waiting for your device

We've all been there, you've been away from your charger for a long period and your battery is nearly flat. You've got better things to do, but you have to wait ages for your phone to charge - well not any more. With the UCH12 Quick EU Mains Charger you can top up your phone in no time at all with enough juice to keep you going. Spend more time doing what you want and need to do and less time as a slave to a power socket.


Complete with Qualcomm compatible cable

Supporting Qualcomm 3.0, the Universal Micro USB cable supports fast transfer speeds so you can copy photos, videos, documents and other files quickly and easily.

Also compatible with Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging technology

If you own a device that supports Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging technology, then this charger can also charge your Samsung compatible devices at supremely fast speeds so you are not left hanging around while your Samsung phone charges.

Fast and safe

The Quick Charger has been thoroughly tested and is assured by Sony to the highest quality standards. So you can have complete peace of mind, while your device chargers fast.


For best results charge from a low battery, as this device is optimised to charge batteries in this state.




22 x 39 x 55 mm
Quick Charger: (USB A receptacle)
USB Cable: (USB A –USB micro B)
AC 100-240V / 400mA / 50-60Hz
Support Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 Class A
Support MediaTek's Pump Express+ 2.0
Quick Charger
USB Cable (Type-B) Micro 
UUS Cable (Type-C)
Xperia™ X
Xperia™ X Performance
Xperia™ XA
Xperia™ Z5
Xperia™ Z5 Compact
Xperia™ Z5 Premium
Xperia™ Z3 Compact
Xperia™ Z4 Tablet
Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact
Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact WiFi
Xperia™ Z2 Tablet
Xperia™ Z2 Tablet WiFi

    What is Fast Charge? 

    It made use of a 9V/1.67A charger, which improved on the existing design, by offering up to 75% faster battery topping than conventional 5V, 1A chargers. That accounts for a maximum of 15W charging power.

    The charging current is actually adaptive and smartphones can negotiate either regular 5V/2A current or the higher 9V/1.67A current. These chargers are safe for use with regular phones as well. It's up to the phone to determine the charging speed, which is one of the reasons why a more powerful charger does not automatically mean faster charging.

    The next version, Quick Charge 3.0, is the fastest and most efficient way to charge batteries of the latest mobile devices. It charges the phone faster–38 percent faster than Quick Charge 2.0 and about twice as fast as Quick Charge 1.0. Fast charging time only means you can be more productive and can easily move when you need to.

    Quick Charge 3.0 now takes advantage of Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) algorithm. This helps the phone determine the power level you need to maximize efficiency and productivity all the time. Quick Charge 3.0 can actually target different power levels and voltage ranges and options. It will feature support for USB Type-A, USB micro, USB Type-C, or proprietary connectors and will be 100 percent backward-compatible with Quick Charge 1.0 and Quick Charge 2.0 devices as described by Qualcomm.

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