Sony wch10 Qi wireless charging plate



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  • Sony wch10 Qi wireless charging plate
  • Sony wch10 Qi wireless charging plate

Wirelessly charge any Qi enabled smartphone

With a sleek, ultra slim design the Sony WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate is a fantastic space saving way to charge your phone at your home, office or on the go. Designed for quick and intuitive charging, this Qi enabled charging power bank allows you to charge any Qi enabled smartphone without the mess of charging cables.

Supports drop and go charging anywhere on the pad

The free positioning feature of the WCH10 Plate allows for greater drop and go convenience, giving you the freedom to charge your device quickly without having to lock your device into an exact position. This provides peace of mind as no matter how your phone is placed on the pad, its battery will be charged successfully.

Compatible with Qi charging adapters

The Sony Wireless Charging Plate is manufactured to the Qi standard. Qi is the sign of interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers. This means that if your phone doesn't feature built-in wireless charging, you can use one of our Qi adapter solutions to convert your existing phone to support wireless charging - so you can use this product to wirelessly charge your smartphone.

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