Thunderdisk 256Gb mSATA SSD



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  • Thunderdisk 256Gb mSATA SSD
  • Thunderdisk 256Gb mSATA SSD
  • Thunderdisk 256Gb mSATA SSD


This a super-fast external hard drive that has a mSATA SSD (solid

  state disk) built into it's metal shell.

Connecting via USB3.1 Gen2 10GBps interface, it offers blazing


Using the latest reversible USB Type-C plug, you can use it with recent

  Windows PC and Macs that have Type-C sockets.

Package includes: 10cm USB Type-C cable and felt carry bagPackage

  includes disk, USB3.0 Male to MicroB Cable and carry pouch



BlueEye ThunderDisk Pro

BlueEye  ThunderDisk Pro is one of the smallest mobile SSDs in the world, the size is almost the same as one USB Flash drive, however, as it is powered by the superspeed USB 3.0 port and the mSSD inside, the speed is 5 time faster, and it provide 128GB, 256GB, 512GB higher storage space options to you. Windows 8.0/8.1 WTG(Windows to Go) supported is the other reason it is deserved to own, user can backup his or her operation system and all programs in ThunderDisk Pro, and boot on any computer device(including Mac PC) at where they are.

AS FAST AS THUNDER SPEED! BlueEye ThunderDisk Pro is a micro SSD with superspeed USB 3.1 Gen 2 port and mSATA SSD inside, it performs terrifically fast, the real maximum speed ups to 1.25GB/S* and more, it is so fast that you can almost see no transferring loading bar appears.

One of the smallest and greatest mobile drives!

BlueEye ThunderDisk Pro comes in a compact and handy size, barely bigger than a regular thumb drive, and packs a huge capacity, from 64Gb to 512Gb. Compared to traditional thumb drives, it offers much higher transfer speeds and much faster access times, making it ideal for installing a portable Windows environment, or for copying large movie files in seconds.


Disk Type


SSD Interface

  • SATA III 6.0Gb/S

256GB Version

  • up to 460MB/s


  • USB3.0 MicroB Port


  • Windows 8.1


  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise

USB Boot

  • Support both Windows & MAC OS


  • 71.9X35.4X8.8mm


  • WinXP/7/8.1 and newer
  • Mac OS 10.6 and newer



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