Z-Wave 2 Dim Clipsal Impress



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The Z-Wave 2 Dimmer Clipsal Impress set includes two DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer and one Clipsal 4 gang Impress series wall plate with four Impress push buttons. One button is used to dim the light while the other button is used to brighten the light in each circuit.

This set allows manual and remote control of two lighting circuits. It allows you to control your lights manually with push buttons or remotely from your Z-Wave remote, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device (requires a Z-Wave home controller). 

This set can be ordered with an LED add-on which will be ON constantly helping you to locate the switch in the dark. Order the LED option here.

The Clipsal Impress series wall plate is available in multiple colours including:

  • White
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Brushed Aluminium
  • Brushed Brass

Note: Please specify which colour of wall plate you require in your comment.

This product integrates with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave home controllers including:

  • Vera 3/Lite
  • Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite
  • DHS Z-Wave Universal Remote Controller
  • DHS Z-Wave Mini Remote Controller


Incandescent globes, High Voltage Halogens, Low Voltage Halogens with electronic transformers(Trailing Edge and Leading Edge only)

CFL globes: Dimmable Philips Tornado CFL lamps and similar products.

LEDs: High performance, energy efficient Starburst LED downlight from Pierlite Australia and similar products.

Generic LEDs will NOT work with this product. If you are unsure please talk to your electrician first.

RF Protocol
  • Z‐Wave(Multi-Level Command Class)

RF Frequency


  • 921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave

Z‐wave device type


  • Z-Wave multiple level dimmer, routing slave



  • AC 230/ 50Hz

Operation Range


  • Up to 30m indoor with no obstacles

Operation temperature


  • 0 ~ 55 °C



  • ABS

Load Compatibility

  • Incandescent globes, High Voltage Halogens, Low Voltage Halogens with electronic transformers Trailing Edge or Leading Edge type only.


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