AEOTEC TriSensor for home Automation (Zwave)



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Quick Overview


Three different sensors built into the AEOTEC TriSensor's small finish.
A motion sensor to monitor presence in your rooms a temperature sensor to manage its environment and a light sensor to manage connected lighting and shutters.

sensor functionality

Product Details

Motion sensor
Motion sensor. Motion for security. Motion for presence. Motion for management. The AEOTEC TriSensor is perfect for more than just an intelligent security system. With to a 7 metre range the AEOTEC TriSensor captures motion data that can be used for everything from security to heating management to energy saving. Knowing if a room is occupied or a hall is being used is a powerful piece of data.
The AEOTEC TriSensor makes your home automation system more powerful and more intelligent.

Temperature sensor.
From motorised curtains and windows to fans and thermostats there are a lot of ways that you can use Z-Wave to keep the temperature of a room absolutely perfect. The AEOTEC TriSensor provides the intelligence to do just that. Within each sensor is an incremental temperature sensor capable of accurately measuring between -15~50 °C and reporting those temperature changes back to a smart home gateway.

Light sensor.
Automated lighting is only as smart as the system that powers it. With the AEOTEC TriSensor's digital light sensor measuring the level of light in a room your home control system will be able to intelligently maintain its ambiance. From opening and closing curtains to setting lights to be the perfect level be it day or night the AEOTEC TriSensor is the smarts behind smart lighting.

Product Support

The perfect sensor comes with the perfect accessories. The AEOTEC TriSensor has three different accessories each designed to make the installation of the sensor perfect for your home.

Place it anywhere.


Recessor. (sold separately)
Install the AEOTEC TriSensor in a ceiling or wall cavity with a recessor (sold separately) and just 12 mm will extrude. Features magnetic clasps for simple removal of the sensor.

Mounting arm.
Discrete and for corner installations the mounting arm allows you to rotate your AEOTEC TriSensor to best insure motion is detected when you want it to be.

Weighing only 52 grams the AEOTEC TriSensor can be easily installed with just the provided double sided tape from 3M.


⇒ Aeotec TriSensor product manual

Technical Specifications

RF Protocol
Z‐Wave Plus (500 series chip)
RF Frequency
921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave
Z‐Wave device type
Z‐Wave multilevel sensor
1 x CR123A battery
Operation Range
Up to 150m outdoors without obstacles
Operation temperature
0 - 70 °C
Storage temperature
‐10 - 80 °C
45mm x 45mm x 35mm
Z-Wave Plus certified
Warranty 12 Months

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