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Quick Overview

The GOAP Flush Dimmer is the first MOSFET- switching lights/fan Z-Wave dimmer module that also supports control of low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer, dimmable compact fluorescent lights and dimmable LED bulbs. It also measures the power consumption of electricat devices and supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor.  GOAP modules are “install-and-forget” products. Our products are made to last, so we only select and use top-quality electronic components. These modules are also the most tested Z-Wave microcontrollers on the market. The Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ), an independent testing body, tests safety parameters including temperature rise, construction, insulation resistance, power consumption and overload in accordance with the EN 60669-2-1 standard.

Product Details All GOAP modules are manufactured in Europe.

  • The GOAP Z-Wave Dimmer module occupies a smaller volume than comparable modules of any other brand and will fit easily in any flush mounting box.
  • The GOAP Z-Wave Dimmer can measure the power consumption of the connected electrical device and itself has an extremely low power consumption of just 0.7 W.
  • The GOAP Z-Wave Dimmer can operate across a wide temperature range, from a chilly -10˚C to a scorching 40˚C (14˚–104˚F). It supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor, which is also useful for creating complex scenarios. Every module also acts as a repeater in order to improve the range and stability of the Z-Wave network.
  • Unlimited controlling capability through gateway
  • Setting mono-stable (push button) or bi-stable switch type
  • Z-Wave Plus compliant
  • 23 additional parameters for expert users

Product Support Please note: 

If you are installing the entire Z-Wave system for the first time, please refer to the installation guide of your Z-Wave gateway before installing this device. The GOAP Flush Dimmer uses a unique MOSFET 'trailing edge' dimmer to enable it to work with a huge range of bulb types: Halogen and Incandescent (230V) Dimmable LEDs (230V) Dimmable CFL and Fluorescent (230V) Low Voltage Halogen (24V) Low Voltage LED (24V) The GOAP Dimmer can be used in the 230V mains lighting system where it uses a 'Trailing Edge' style dimmer to control the lights. It can also be used in a 24V low-voltage system where it it uses PWM style control of the bulbs. Please note: These units require a 3-wire system (including neutral), please check your installation before purchasing. If you have 2-wire system (without neutural) see DHS Z-Wave Dimmer InWall or FIBARO Z-Wave Dimmer 2


  •  Installation Manual (Size: 529KB)

Videos / YouTube:

  • The smallest Z-Wave module
  • GOAP Dimmer dimming a 24V DC LED Strip Lights

Technical Specifications RF Protocol

  • Z-Wave Plus , SDK version: 6.51.03

RF Frequency

  • 921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ approved RF for Z‐wave


  • Indoor use only


  • 0.6 A / 230 VAC 0.85 A / 30 VDC

Operation Range

  • Up to 30m indoors with no obstacles Enclosure Plastic


  • EN 60669-2-1

Operating Temp. 

  • -10C ~ +40C


  • 79mm x 52mm x 22mm

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