INTESIS Toshiba VRF Adapter for home Automation (Zwave)



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Quick Overview

There are no many options to integrate high end ducted cooling/heating system from Toshiba with latest Z-Wave Home Automation Gateways. You'll have only one option to have wired thermostat on the wall and not even IR hand held remote.
However well known in HVAC industry Spanish manufacturer INTESIS providing elegant solution to make it work.

Intesis Toshiba VRF Adapter solution will help you remotely access and control Toshiba VRF ducted conditioning systems. The solution enables simple integration with Vera/Ezlo branded Z-Wave Gateways.The gateway supports HVAC professionals striving to deliver a great customer experience and Home Automation integrators needing to save time on complex HVAC integration.

Toshiba VRF

The solution consist two main components: Intesis Daikin SKY/VRV Adapter with Wi-Fi interface and Intesis Plugin for Z-Wave Vera controler.
As a result you can connect Home Automation system locally as well as take advantage of remotelly control your Daikin system.

Please note:  Intesis Adapter is brand specific and currently supports the following brands:

Mitsibishi Heavy Industries VRF systems

Mitsibishi Electric

Panasonic ECOi andPACi systems

Toshiba VRF and Digital

Daikin VRV AC

Please select your brand specific Intesis Adapter from links above. 

Intesys develop drivers for others home automation systems such as AMX Vera Control 4 Crestron Lutron Elan RTI URC Iridium.

Click on the links to get access to the driver's page:

IntesisBox - VERA

IntesisBox - ELAN
IntesisBox – Control 4  
IntesisBox – Crestron  
IntesisBox - Iridium
IntesisBox - AMX
IntesisBox - RTI

Product Details

We suggest to watch IntesisBox Adapter Configuration (video)


 To check if your Toshiba unit is compatible please read this document: IntesisBox® TO-RC-xxx-1 Toshiba AC Compatibility List

Please note: If you can't find your model number on this list contact office for help.

Product Support


IntesisBox - Vera Integration Guide 

User manual 
Installation manual
⇒ WMP ASCII Protocol Specs
WMP Configuration Tool

Videos / Youtube:

⇒ IntesisBox WMP WFi Configuration IntesisBox WMP WFi Configuration

Technical Specifications

Connection type
 Wired Wi-Fi
14V 110mA typical
Doesn’t require external power supply (supplied by the AC Unit)
Radio Parameters
RF Frequency range: 2412 to 2497 MHz
Output power (average): 8 dBm (Modulated signal at antenna port; 11Mb/Sec.)
Operation Humidity
<93% HR no condensation
Operation Temperature
From 0ºC to 40ºC
Storage Temperature
From 0ºC to 40ºC
ABS (UL 94 HB). 2 5 mm thickness
Compliant with RoHS directive (2011/65/EU)

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