RFi BK-900 Adjustable Bonnet/Boot Mount for mounting Mobile Signal Booster Antenna



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RFI Adjustable Bonnet / Boot mount Bracket

The BK-900 can be mounted in a variety of locations due to its double articulation. It can be mounted on boot/bonnet lids or attached to almost any lip on a vehicle: vertical, horizontal or anywhere in between. This mounting bracket will fit over an edge no more than 6mm thick and can be adjust in several planes so the antenna can be made vertical.


* No holes to drill 
* Stainless steel & alloy construction
* Robust low-profile matt-black design
* Suitable for most vehicles

* Fits most mobile antennas

Suggested Installation Includes a 16mm holes for antenna mounting
Packaging Retail Bag with bracket, mounting plate & 3 hex keys
Construction Stainless steel & alloy
Mounting Bonnet / Boot


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