Original Samsung Galaxy Note 5 keyboard Cover Case


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  • Original Samsung Galaxy Note 5 keyboard Cover Case
  • Original Samsung Galaxy Note 5 keyboard Cover Case

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Fast and efficient typing

Get more done with this Official Samsung QWERTY keyboard case, allowing you to type more accurately and with greater speed.

Slim and portable

The ultra-thin design of this keyboard case makes it incredibly compact and lets you take it anywhere with you, ideal for use on the go, at home or in the office.

Convenient hot keys

The Samsung Note 5 Keyboard Cover contains specialised hot keys for convenience and efficiency. The hot keys offer a quick way to access your emails, music, calendar, contacts and web browsing, allowing you to get to the stuff you love quicker than ever before.

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Official Samsung Keyboard features a sturdy design that secures your phablet and protects it from damage, such as scratches, knocks and drops while on the move.

Incredibly easy pairing

This Samsung Bluetooth Keyboard Cover is incredibly simple and easy to pair with, saving you time and maintaining a stable connection with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Specifically designed for the Note 5, this Official Keyboard Case ensures full compatibility with your tablet, giving you a perfect typing experience every time.

This Galaxy Note 5 case has unique written all over it. The slim hard cover snaps around the device, providing just enough protection against minor drops, while the keyboard cover snaps on top. The QWERTY keyboard is designed for those that prefer the textured press, adding a dedicated UI when snapped into place. When you're finished using the keyboard, pop it off and snap it to the back of the case. 


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