Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector



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  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector
  • Sony Portable HD Laser Mobile Projector

The mobile projector that delivers HD quality

Turn any surface into a viewing experience

Because it's Laser, our projector is clearer. And its No-lens structure makes it more compact than general DLPs. Project your favorite movies, TV shows, games, and home movies wirelessly, or via standard HDMI or MHL. Entertain yourself with 1920 x 720 HD (Aspect ratio 16:9) quality and Autofocus environment anywhere you explore. You can connect with various audio devices including speakers or headphones via Bluetooth or audio jack. 

Rich color

A wide color gamut enables accurate reproduction of colors for vivid, lively images.


Laser sharp

Laser technology focuses a tight beam of light for every pixel of the image.


Speckle reduction

Optical technology developed by Sony achieves a major reduction in laser speckle noise.


Dynamic mode

Dynamic mode enhances the colour brightness and saturation of your photos and videos.


Distortion correction circuit

Even when projecting from an angle, or onto distorted surfaces, the image always looks normal

High-quality images ready to go

HD from a projector the size of a paperback novel

So compact and lightweight, you can put the MP-CL1A in your bag or pocket and take it with you. Wherever you go, your visual entertainment can go with you.


From TV size to bigger than life

Choose the image size to suit the situation, with a flexible screen size ranging from short throw for a 40 inch (101.6cm) image, up to a 120 inch (304.8cm) wide screen image when pulled back. Either way, count on a bigger image at a shorter distance. At equal distance from projector to screen, a conventional projector only gives you a 104 inch (264cm) image whereas the MP-CL1A delivers a 120 inch (304.8cm)2 image.


No manual focusing

Clearly in focus at any throw distance

The MP-CL1A features laser technology that focuses a tight beam of light for every pixel of the image to maintain a sharp image from up close or far away.


Even focuses on uneven or curved surfaces

The sharp image remains in focus even on curved walls and other challenging environments.



Full Specifications & Features

Awaken your eyes to a mobile projector that delivers HD quality with crystal clear laser beam projection. HDMI and MHL let you link to your favorite source, while Bluetooth ensures high quality audio without a cable. You get the same quality image indoors or outdoors, whether you’re watching a movie with cinematic impact or playing a game with larger-than-life presence. Let your visual entertainment always be with you.

  • Approx. 77.0 mm × 149.5 mm × 13.0 mm (Approx. 3 1 / 8 × 6 × 17 / 32 inches)
    • Approx. 210 g (7.4 oz.)
      • 40 inches at projection distance of 1.15 m
        • Average: 32 lumens/Equivalent: 40 lumens (30% White)
          • Full color (16,770,000 colors)
          ASPECT RATIO 
          •        16:09

          •        1920×720p

          LIGHT SOURCE
          •       Laser diode/Approx. 10,000 hours


          • LASER CLASS
          Class 3R Wavelength: 445 nm to 639 nm Beam divergence: 4.5 mrad. Pulse Frequency: 60 Hz Output : 206 mW FOV (horizontal): 42.1°
          • AUDIO OUTPUT
          Ф3.5 Audio Jack Bluetooth (Ver.3.0, A2DP, SBC), Frequency band: 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz - 2.4835 GHz) Modulation method: FHSS, Compatible Bluetooth profiles*1 A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Supported Codec*2: SBC*3
          • CONTRAST RATIO
          Approx. 120 minutes
          • HDMI™ CONNECTION(S)
          HDMI 1.4b / MHL 2.2 (HDCP 1.4), Screen mirroring (Miracast®), Wi-Fi        standards supported (Indoor use only in India): IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)
            • 0 °C to 35 °C (32 °F to 95 °F)
              RATED OUTPUT
              • DC5 V/1.5 A, 1 port

                RATED IMPEDANCE
                  • DC5 V/1.5 A


                  SPEAKER SYSTEM
                    • 1.0 W


                    • Charging via Micro USB—no special cable

                      It's easy to charge the MP-CL1A with a general portable charger. Wherever you are—at a party, on a business trip, or vacationing—you can recharge the battery with an ordinary Micro USB.

                    • Wi-Fi® wireless connection

                      Connect to compatible Android devices via Wi-Fi using the wireless screen mirroring feature.

                    • Standard HDMI/MHL connectors

                      Connect via HDMI/MHL to laptops and gaming consoles. Also connect to Apple devices (with optional Digital AV adapter and HDMI cable).

                    • Works as a portable charger

                      Built-in rechargeable battery lasts for a long time. You can use this mobile projector as an emergency charger while on the go and give your smartphone one full charge as a USB charger.

                    • Supplied accessories are good to go

                      The MP-CL1A comes supplied with Lens-cover stand offering double functionality to protect the lens or to project on the wall or ceiling (vertical and horizontal stand positions), plus a carrying pouch and USB cable.

                    • Wireless or wired headphone/speaker connection

                      Connect headphones for private listening while you enjoy a movie or game, or connect external speakers to share the experience with those around you. Best of all, there’s even Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free connection.

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