VISION Z-Wave Deadbolt Keypad



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  • VISION Z-Wave Deadbolt Keypad
  • VISION Z-Wave Deadbolt Keypad

Quick Overview

 The Vision Z-Wave Deadbolt Keypad Lock is an intelligent lock capable of remote operation with compatible controllers.

  • Open and close doors remotely with your Z-Wave control panel, PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Up to 13 different access codes.
  • Access codes can be programmed to only operate at specific times.
  • Uses 128 bit AES encryption for security.
  • Designed for doors with a thickness of 35-45mm .
Product Details

The Vision Z-Wave Deadbolt Keypad Lock is an advanced Z-Wave lock based on Z-Wave technology and has a range of intelligent features. The lock is designed for use in commercial and residential buildings.  

In addition to the increased level of security, the Deadbolt's firmware has easy configuration options. These include the ability to install temporary access codes which only function during your desired times. It is also possible to open and close the Deadbolt remotely using a Z-Wave compatible device such as a Z-Wave control panel, PC, tablet or smartphone

It is possible to configure up to 13 access codes for different occasions. Each number combination can be between 4 and 10 digits. Successful and unsuccessful attempts to open the door will be recorded and sent to an associated computer or smartphone.

Installers do not have to make any extra effort to modify existing doors to install the Z-Wave Deadbolt. This Deadbolt is designed for doors with a thickness of 35 mm to 45mm, and can be installed in doors opening to the right or left. Please see all details in the installation manual.

This device is only compatible with Vera 3/Lite Home controllers.

Please Note: Access codes for this device can only be managed via a compatible Z-Wave controller. It is not possible to set up access codes manually without a compatible controller.


Product Support

Vision Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock Installation Manual (Size: 1.07 MB)

Vision Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock Operation Manual (Size: 235 KB)


Technical Specifications

RF Protocol
RF Frequency
921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave
Z‐wave device type
Z-Wave Lock
Z‐wave Version
Z-Wave 4.51 SDK
Manual Compatibility
Operating Voltage
6V, 4 AA batteries
Operation Range
Up to 30m  with no obstacles
Indoor/Outdoor use 
Operation temperature
-10 ~ 50 °C
Storage temperature
-10 ~ 50 °C
Regulatory Compliance Mark
(LxWxH) 150mm x 70mm x 57 mm



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